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Vera Roasting Co. | Calm Blend

Vera Roasting Co. | Calm Blend

Vera Roasting Co. | Calm Blend

Vera Roasting Company

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Description & Benefits


Use Calm Blend to provide lasting bodily energy and a calm mind.

Calm Blend, which is energizing without the jitters of caffeine, is made with CBD Isolate that is 100% THC Free.

We only purchase fair trade, organic, single origin, clean, green coffee beans from high elevation farms in Central America.

We employ a custom roast profile to provide low acidity for a stomach-friendly experience and roast in small quantities to ensure freshness.

Using our proprietary procedure, we infuse the freshly roasted beans with Resveratrol, a natural substance often found in grapes, to provide longevity support.


Additionally, the Calm Blend infusion contains 100% THC-free CBD isolate that has undergone extensive testing for both safety and quality assurance. 

Our very pure resveratrol is created for better absorption and has been shown in studies to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels, circulation, and vascular function. 

Enjoy a cup of our delicious, invigorating coffee that has been specially designed for your wellness.

How Does it Work?

Freshly roasted coffee beans are properly dosed with Veri-teTM Resveratrol using our unique infusion method. Swiss biotechnology business Evolva creates Veri-te resveratrol.

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Upgrade Your Coffee Routine

The Vera Roasting Co. is well known for its unique blends of resveratrol-infused coffee, and they are now expanding their range of specialty drinks.

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    Happiness Guarentee

    Our #1 Priority Here At Vera Roasting Co, Is Your Happiness. Which Means We Stand By Our Products 100%, No Matter What, No Questions Asked, No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts, If You Have A Problem, We Will Solve It. Refund It. Whatever It Takes. Just Reach Out To Our Customer Happiness Team. We're Here For You. Happiness Guaranteed.

    Customer Happiness Team 
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