Collection: Immunity Blend Collection

Vera Roasting's Immunity Blend: approximately 16 servings per 12oz bag.

Our Immunity Blend is a deliciously smooth coffee infused with nature’s most beneficial antioxidant, resveratrol, plus Vitamin D3. Immunity Blend coffee delivers the benefits of resveratrol plus warm rays of sunshine, all together. 

Almost 50% of all US adults have a vitamin D deficiency and this can lead to a host of health problems including compromised bone and heart health, and feelings of sadness. Immunity Blend is a really good coffee that’s really good for you.

Immunity | Sunshine Blend Collection

Daily, consistent use Of Resveratrol Encourages Healthier Immune Systems, Happier Moods, And Longer Endurance. Forget about the 3 pm slump. Infused With Resveratrol And Vitamin D3 Our Sunshine Blend Provides an Anti-Inflammatory, Mood Enhancer, is beneficial to your bones, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis 

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