Collection: Cardio Blend Collection

Vera Roasting's Cardio Blend: 12 Oz: Approximately 16 Servings per bag. K-Cup® Pods 12 pods per pack

Our flagship product, Cardio Blend is 100% ethically sourced arabica coffee, infused with nature’s most beneficial antioxidant, resveratrol.

Over 30 years of scientific research link resveratrol to improved cardiovascular function, heart health, brain health, reduced inflammation, and other benefits. 

Even before you brew it, you’ll love Cardio Blend’s deliciously rich aroma. Once brewed, each cup of Cardio Blend delivers rich, ultra-smooth flavor and the same amount of resveratrol as a glass of red wine.

Sunshine Collection

Daily, consistent use Of Resveratrol Encourages Healthier Immune Systems, Happier Moods, And Longer Endurance. Forget about the 3 pm slump. Infused With Resveratrol And Vitamin D3 Our Sunshine Blend Provides an Anti-Inflammatory, Mood Enhancer, is beneficial to your bones, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis 

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