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12 Single Serving Coffee K-Cups | Vera Roasting

Three available K-Cup Vera Roasting coffee blends are Medium Roast, Decaf Roast, and Wellness CBD; all of which are infused with resveratrol. 

Clinical Findings Indicate That When Consumed On A Daily Basis Our Ultra-Pure Resveratrol Supports Healthy Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels. The Miraculous Substance Resveratrol Inside Our Products Offers You A Way to Stick to your routine with the health benefits of two glasses of red wine a day. 

Contrary To Other Wellness Products, The Vera Collection of Blends contains Resveratrol, A Naturally Occurring Compound Found In Grapes That Have Been Shown To Increase The Beneficial Influences Of Coffee On Heart Health.

We Utilize A Unique Roasting Technique To Ensure Low Acidity For A Stomach-Friendly Coffee Taste And Roast In Small Quantities To Ensure Freshness. The Freshly Roasted Beans Are Then Infused With The Natural Chemical Resveratrol, Which Is Generally Found In Grapes, Using Our Proprietary Procedure For Longevity Support.

Immunity Collection

The Vera Roasting Co. is well renowned for its distinctive blends of coffee that include resveratrol.

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