Collection: Vera Roasting | Calm Blend Collection

Vera Roasting's Calm Blend: approximately 16 servings per 12oz bag.

When ingested on a daily, regular, basis, the Calm Blend improves mental clarity and provides a constant, consistent energy boost throughout the day.

Our Calm Blend contains resveratrol and a fully THC-free CBD isolate. Its stimulating caffeine content encourages mental clarity and offers a continuous, all-day energy boost.

Because it contains CBD isolate that is free of THC, a calm blend is energizing without creating the jitters common in regular coffee.

Decaf Blend Collection

Vera Roasting's Decaf Collection: 12 oz: approximately 16 servings 

Clinical findings indicate that when consumed on a daily basis our ultra-pure resveratrol supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. With no caffeine, the miraculous substance resveratrol inside the Decaf Collection offers all the benefits of ordinary coffee. 

Contrary to other wellness products, The Decaf Collection Blends contain resveratrol, a naturally occurring compound found in grapes that have been shown to increase the beneficial influences of coffee on heart health.

We utilize a unique roasting technique to ensure low acidity for a stomach-friendly coffee taste and roast in small quantities to ensure freshness. The freshly roasted beans are then infused with the natural chemical resveratrol, which is generally found in grapes, using our proprietary procedure for longevity support.

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