Wellness Blend CBD Coffee

Wellness Blend Coffee is a specialty roasted Peruvian coffee that is infused with 120 mg of high quality CBD per 12 oz bag. Our delicious CBD coffee is independently tested to ensure that it contains 0% THC. Contact us if you'd like to see a copy of the lab report.


Try the best-tasting CBD coffee today! Call our toll-free hotline to place your order.


Wellness Blend Coffee is available in ground, whole beans, and decaf. K-Cups are available now! Receive free shipping by calling us toll-free at 888-567-7287 to place your order today!

Read Our Product Reviews:

"Love your coffee! I love the rich bold flavor of your coffee while also knowing it's providing me all the health benefits of heart healthy resveratrol!"

"I am not a coffee person but when I heard the benefits of coffee and resveratrol infused made locally I tried it and I am hooked. I have tried many brands of coffee and is this is my favorite when I drink it black and it is healthier too!"

"I love your coffee!! So smooth tasting!! Extra bonus that it has resveratrol in it!! Has become my favorite coffee now!! I'm almost out and will need to buy some more. I've shared some with co-workers - they like it too!!"

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*Not able to be sold in New Hampshire at this time. Please fill out the contact form above and we will return your inquiry when the product is available!