Wellness Blend Coffee - 300 mg

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Our Wellness Blend Coffee+ contains 300 mg of CBD in a 12 oz bag and the heart healthy antioxidant resveratrol. Every cup of Wellness Blend Coffee starts with 100% Arabica beans from Nicaragua which are organically grown and roasted.* We use CBD that is sourced from industrially grown hemp and is independently tested to ensure it does not contain THC. Please contact us if you would like to see a copy of the report.

Depending on how you brew the coffee (and what size mug you use), a cup of our Wellness Blend Coffee+ contains approximately 10-12 mg of CBD. 



*Please note the product is not considered organic because of the addition of CBD and resveratrol. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Read more disclaimers.

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Written by Mitzi Kimbrell on 23rd Nov 2020

Vera Coffee is the BEST!!

I have been drinking Vera Coffee for over a year. It's the best coffee I have ever drank. It not only tastes great, it's healthy for you too. The only coffee I will ever buy . Highly recommend it.

Written by Lisa Rhinehart on 18th Oct 2020

Wellness Blend 300 mg

I buy this coffee for my husband who has hand, wrist and foot pain. He drinks a travel mug daily and it has made a huge difference. It is a very smooth, delicious coffee. He feels pain relief within 20 minutes of starting to drink it. He says the pain relief usually lasts about 6 hours. He supplements this by taking a CBD 10mg gummy at lunchtime. This has been a great way to get off man made pain relievers, creams, gels, etc. He has tried MANY things. Our conclusion is; it must be the combination of the cbd and resveratrol that works for him. I also drink it, because I like it and although I don't have the kind of pain he does, it keeps me feeling good. Vera has fantastic customer service and we have received our orders promptly. We highly recommend this product! How can a coffee lover go wrong? It's the healthiest real coffee out there!