French Roast Coffee

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12-oz bag. Do you like your coffee on the dark side? Our French Roast Coffee is perfect for you! Our 100% Arabica beans are master-roasted in small batches to unlock the natural oils and bold flavor of French roast coffee. The addition of resveratrol after roasting makes our French Roast smoother, bolder, and better for you than a typical cup of coffee.

This roast was chosen over the leading national brand of dark roast coffee by a 7-to-1 margin in double-blind taste tests. All of our coffee is infused with resveratrol—the naturally occurrring polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes—to impart your brew with the health benefits found in a glass of red wine. It's better tasting coffee, that’s also better for you.

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Written by Jackie on 11th Mar 2019

Great Coffee

I am a repeat buyer for the french roast because it is so smooth and flavorful. I use it in my french press as well as making a cold brew. I love the fact that I'm getting antioxidants!

Written by Mark G. on 26th Feb 2019

This French Roast has become

This French Roast has become my standard roast. I drink a lot of coffee almost every day. This is the best dark roast I've ever had, and I love knowing I'm getting the extra antioxidants!

Written by Devina M. on 26th Feb 2019

Dark French-Roast

This is my all time favorite, it is smooth to the last drop, never bitter!

Written by Jim M. on 26th Feb 2019

It's really good!

I love it!

Written by Christopher C. on 26th Feb 2019

Brews Great

Brews really nice, I don't need to compensate by adding more coffee for the flavor I want like I do with other brands. I like really dark coffee. Holds it's taste without souring over the day. A good french roast, even if it is more expensive than other brands.

Written by Mike M. on 26th Feb 2019

Excellent, rich flavor

Excellent, rich flavor

Written by Robert E. on 26th Feb 2019

Coffee everywhere.

For some reason, probably me, I received a double order so I gave a bag to my neighbors and they love it.

Written by Scott I. on 26th Feb 2019

Best Coffee

Love the product and always ship on time!

Written by G C. on 26th Feb 2019

Great Coffee

Best of the best for this type of coffee!

Written by Johnny R. on 26th Feb 2019

Healthy taste good

Drinking it now.