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Vera Coffee FAQs

Where can I buy your coffee locally?

If you live in the New Hampshire Seacoast region, view our list of local retailers.

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer, please reach out to us! We offer wholesale and corporate rates.

What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant most commonly found in red grapes and red wine. It is known for its heart healthy properties. Read more about resveratrol and how we infuse our coffee beans on our website.

Does Vera Coffee contain alcohol?

No. Vera coffee is infused with resveratrol that is fermented from yeast and is highly purified before it is infused into our coffee.

Is Your Coffee Organic? Fair Trade? Non-GMO?

We use organic beans and ingredients as often as possible, but our patented infusion process is not certified organic. We are committed to buying beans from farms that pay their workers fairly, but our beans are not Fair Trade Certified. We only use non-GMO ingredients.

How do I brew Vera coffee?

For the best flavor, start with a clean coffeemaker and use fresh, cold water. We recommend one heaping tablespoon of ground coffee to brew each balanced and flavorful 6-oz. cup. Adjust to your personal preference. Store unused coffee at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our coffee comes in 12 ounce bags, which yields about 45 cups of brewed coffee per bag.

Where can i buy Wellness Blend CBD Coffee?

Our Wellness Blend Coffee infused with CBD and resveratrol is now available to purchase online!

Do you support any local organizations?

We just launched a fundraising program to help support local organizations and nonprofits. We're happy to work with your group to develop a custom program that's right for your organization! Contact us for more information.

Do you have a senior discount?

Yes! Please call our customer service line at 888-567-7287 to learn more about our senior citizen discount.

Subscription Program FAQS

What is a Coffee subscription?

When you join our subscription program, we will send you coffee at a pre-determined interval. Every 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months Vera coffee is delivered at a discounted rate. For regular coffee drinkers, the subscription program represents a cheaper and more convenient way to purchase Vera coffee.

What is the benefit of joining the subscription program?

If you are a regular coffee drinker, it is easy to predict when you'll run out, but it is not always easy to remember to place another order. Scheduling deliveries in advance means you'll never go a day without a cup of Vera coffee! Joining the subscription program is also one of the only ways to get discounted coffee. Our subscribers are an essential part of the Vera Community, and you can expect VIP treatment from us.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No! Skip a shipment or cancel your subscription at any time, no hassle.

How does the subscription program work?

Simply select how often you'd like to have your coffee delivered from the drop-down list of options on the product page and proceed to the checkout page. You must have a customer account to be a subscriber. You'll be notified 7 days in advance of every delivery, so you can reschedule or change your order at any time.

How do I change my subscription?

Login to your customer account and go to your account page. Select the "View Subscriptions" tab to see and manage your current subscription orders. See this video for a walk-through on how to make changes.

If you are having any difficulties, please contact us and we can adjust it for you.

How can i receive a different Coffee?

You cannot swap out your subscription for a different product. If you would like to receive a different product or roast, you will need to create a new subscription.

For example, if you wanted to change your Medium Roast subscription to French Roast, you would need to cancel the Medium Roast subscription and create a new French Roast subscription by going to the product page and placing a new order.


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