Have You Tried Nitro Cold Brew Yet? Vera Roasting Co.

Have You Tried Nitro Cold Brew Yet?

If you haven't tried nitro cold brew yet, you're missing out.

We're obsessed. 

Think of a beer for breakfast, but better.

Nitro cold brew is cold-brewed coffee that has been infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles, which give the coffee a gentle carbonation and a creamy, velvety texture.

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Some even compare the foamy head of nitro cold brew to a stout beer like Guinness. Though nitro cold brew is usually served chilled from a tap, Vera Roasting Co. is making nitro cold brew in a ready-to-drink can.

Crack open a cold one and enjoy one of these nitro cold-brew coffee cans!

Posted by Kate Putnam
Vera Roasting Co.
July 18, 2022

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How a NH Professor Changed the World

The Only Coffee Infused with Resveratrol

2015 saw the start of the Vera Roasting tale at a routine annual physical.

Glen Miller, Ph.D., a professor of organic chemistry at the University of New Hampshire, discovered that his blood sugar levels had increased, much like those of millions of Americans.

Vera Roasting Co. is a pioneer in the coffee industry for premium, heart-healthy coffee.

82% of American adults drink coffee, and they spend an average of $21 per week on their favorite blends.

Unlike tea, coffee has not, until now, placed a priority on innovation in health and wellbeing.

Glen Miller, Ph.D. questioned how Americans could consume more resveratrol. A strong antioxidant found in red grape skins, without drinking more red wine.

Thus, began his journey. While in the shower one morning, it dawned on him...

Hear Glen explain

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The Vera Roasting Co. Is Well Renowned For Its Distinctive Blends Of Resveratrol Infused Coffee.