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There are Five Primary Methods for Brewing Coffee

There are five primary methods for brewing coffee

Let’s go through a refresher on brewing coffee or learn a few things in a quick read.

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The introduction of water, the brewing temperature, and the separation of the brewed liquor from the coffee grinds are the brewing variables for each method. 

The names of these five techniques are;

  • Turkish brewing
  • Concentrate brewing
  • Percolating
  • Drip brewing
  • French Press brewing

Greek or Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee, also known as kahve in traditional usage, is prepared in little pots over an open flame by bringing water and finely ground kahve to a boil. It is frequently brewed with sugar already added.

According to some customs, they will pour some into each cup before bringing the mixture to a second boil and pouring the remaining liquid into each cup to ensure an even distribution of the coffee grounds.

Some places serve the kahve with additional spice, typically cardamom. Because the coffee is not separated from the alcohol, the resulting brew is thick, aromatic, and murky. 

The tiny demitasse cups that the coffee is served in collect muck at the bottom. In some countries, the coffee mud is read as a palm reader would read a palm.

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Concentrate Brewing

In other parts of the world as well as Latin America, concentrate brewing is fairly common. It is starting to resurface in the United States.

Large amounts of coffee are brewed with little water in a process called concentration brewing. You combine some of the concentration with hot water to make a cup of coffee. You can either brew the concentrate hot or cold.

You must let the coffee sit after it has been brewed cold for at least a day. This process yields a mellow, light-bodied coffee that is low in fragrance and acidity and has a subdued flavor.

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In this process, coffee grounds are continuously brewed with boiling water, which is then used to boil the coffee liquid, which is then poured over the grounds.

Although this approach is useful, it is disrespectful to the coffee bean. Boiling the alcohol after using boiling water to brew is asking for a thin, bitter, and tarry cup of coffee.

Even though it makes lousy coffee, many people still favor percolation.

Auto drip

In the United States, this method of brewing coffee is the most common. It’s easy to make coffee by adding hot water to filter grounds and letting the brew drip out the bottom. If the right tools are employed, drip brewing can yield an outstanding cup of coffee.

The fact that auto drip machines don’t brew at the proper temperature is one of their main problems. One of the few businesses, Bunn calibrates its equipment to the correct temperature.

The filter is the next challenge to overcome if you have a good auto drip brewing system. Paper filters not only do not let through a lot of the coffee oils and chemical compounds, but they can also impart flavor to the coffee.

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French Press or Press Pot

Brewing French Pres allows you total control. Compared to auto drip, it requires more work, but the brewing variables can be better managed. A glass carafe is filled with coarsely ground coffee.


The grounds are then covered with hot water. The top is put on when the brewing is finished, and a plunger made of a metal mesh plate is squeezed down to force the ground to the bottom.


On top, the coffee liquid is set to be poured off. Oils and tiny coffee grounds pass through the mesh filter without issue. Additionally, a coarser grind necessitates a longer brewing time. Four minutes is the standard recommendation for a French press.


This close proximity of the grounds to the water enables a more thorough, manageable, and even extraction. Even with a coarse grind, some fine particles will still be produced. French-pressed coffee will have more flavor, body, and fullness. Additionally, there will be sediment at the bottom of the cup.


About Us

New Hampshire-based Vera Roasting Company is well known for its innovative blends of coffee that have been infused with resveratrol. The protection and enhancement of both the health and wellness of its committed drinkers have, until recently, been a top focus for only the tea industry.

Following a routine medical appointment the founder of Vera Roasting and professor at the University of New Hampshire, Glen Miller, Ph.D., was diagnosed with high cholesterol in 2015.

His focus subsequently shifted to identifying a remedy for aging.

I started working on it and I developed a method to infuse freshly roasted coffee beans with resveratrol. That means the resveratrol is inside the bean.”

Dr. Miller created a groundbreaking way to enrich the coffee-drinking experience by establishing a daily wellness routine. According to USA Today as many as 83% of US adults drink coffee per day.

Today, Vera Roasting offers additional varieties of its resveratrol-infused coffee in three blends Calm Blend, Cardio Blend, and Immunity Blend in whole bean, ground, and K-Cup® options.

By delivering a premium coffee experience with added health benefits by infusing only specialty-grade, 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted locally in small batches by Flight Coffee, named one of the 21 best coffee roasters in the country by Thrillist.

We are committed to integrity, ingenuity, and authenticity, and work to provide the best possible products and services to our customers,” Dr. Miller stated. “We imagine a world where there’s no such thing as a bad cup of coffee and our friends and family are healthier together.

The pandemic and the many diverse challenges of the recovery, globally and in our own backyards, have given us an increased appreciation for the fragility of life — in our relationships, in our communities, and on our planet,” says Vera Roasting Co., President, Tim O’Neil. “We’re ever more cognizant of how our decisions affect people, the environment, and the communities where we operate and source coffee around the world, which gives our work in 2021 even more significance and meaning.

Shop online at to find a variety of coffee options. Premium 100% Arabica bean coffee from Central America, infused with resveratrol. Options include; Cardio Support, Immune Support, and Mood Support are additionally infused with Vitamin D3 and CBD.

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July 30, 2022
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