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Vera Roasting Company was founded in December of 2015 with the mission of improving your health and wellness by infusing a powerful natural antioxidant, Resveratrol, into your daily coffee ritual. At that time, Resveratrol was primarily known as the heart-healthy ingredient found in red wine with extensive research supporting the cardiovascular benefits. As a PhD Organic Chemist, I understood at the molecular level how resveratrol was capable of neutralizing harmful free radicals that are associated with inflammation and the onset of disease. I also understood that our bodies do not produce the resveratrol molecule, so supplementation is needed to keep our bodies in balance.

Vera’s patented process precisely infuses Resveratrol and other nutrients into freshly roasted coffee beans. The formulation is optimized to most importantly provide a tasty cup of coffee with low acidity, but also provide for improved absorption of resveratrol through the brewing process.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a true global health crisis; there was shared vulnerability in the face of a novel virus. As a result of this ongoing battle with the virus, I believe many of us have a greater appreciation for our health and wellness. My personal reflection provided me with renewed focus and motivation to expand our mission at Vera and this led me back into the lab. The latest research on Resveratrol’s activation of the Sirtuin pathway or the “longevity gene”, provided focus to our renewed R&D efforts.

I am excited to introduce Vera Roasting Company’s re-formulated product line focused on longevity including three benefit-focused coffee blends: Cardio, Immunity, and Calm. Continue or start (no better day than today!) your selfcare journey by grabbing a bag, and let our Vera team know what you think! Our hope is that Vera coffee will create a new daily ritual in your life.

Stay healthy and safe,

Dr. Glen Miller

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