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Dairy Free Plant Based Milk - A Great Pairing with Vera Coffee

Our Take - Dairy Free Plant Based Milk

Non-dairy options for coffee are super trendy and tasty!  Whether it be dietary restrictions, allergies, or preference, there are many great dairy alternatives for coffee.  Everybody deserves to enjoy a healthy alternative to dairy milk, so we ranked our favorites with a brief summary of taste, nutrition, and foaming for espresso beverages.



1. Oat 

Oat milk has quickly become the most popular non dairy option for coffee. It's made from a combination of oats, water, and sometimes canola oil or rapeseed oil for emulsification. The result is a surprisingly rich, full bodied, and versatile dairy alternative with great health benefits.  Oat milk has good fiber content for digestive health combined with protein and is very low in fat.

Oat milk is a solid option for foaming, but the low fat content makes it inferior to dairy milk.

2. Almond 

Almond milk is the leader in nut milks in terms of food and beverage applications.  Lots of options in terms of flavors, but it doesn't always play nice with coffee and may curdle due to temperature and acidity. Almond milk has a nutty flavor that can sometimes taste bitter, many people choose a lightly sweetened flavor to balance the flavor.

You can create a silky foam with almond milk, but this non-dairy milk tends to separate when heated. 

3. Coconut 

Coconut milk is keto friendly and is quickly growing in popularity due to the taste and higher fat content.  It has a light coconut taste and a very subtle sweetness.  It is packaged in cartons, the canned product is not ideal for coffee beverages.

Coconut milk is suitable for frothing due to the fat content.  It creates a dense froth with larger bubbles than traditional dairy.

4. Cashew 

Cashew milk is another up and coming plant based milk that has a subtle sweetness but has a less nutty flavor than other nut milks.  Many cashew milk fans prefer to make it at home as homemade cashew milk is superior to store bought version in terms of nutrition.  It has a healthy amount of fat, protein, and fiber.

Cashew milk works well for foaming, it produces large bubbles and is less dense than dairy milk.

5. Pea 

Good news, Pea milk isn't green and has a relatively high protein content compared to other non-dairy alternatives and a nice boost of Potassium. Surprisingly, Pea milk is one of the best substitutes for dairy milk in terms of taste, it is smooth and has a neutral flavor.

Like other high-protein milk alternatives, pea milk is easy to foam and is on par with dairy milk.



Hemp seed milk is a popular non-dairy milk because of its high protein content. It has a slightly nutty or earthy flavor with a lighter texture.  It is non-psychoactive and is now available in most grocery stores. Hemp seed milk steams well because of its high protein content and the foam is similar to dairy milk.


Soy milk has a smooth, creamy texture with a relatively neutral taste. Soy milk is slowly losing popularity after holding the top spot for many years.  Soy milk is affordable but doesn't always play nice with coffee, potentially causing separation. Soy milk  is a great option for frothing is very similar to dairy milk.


Rice milk is nut and soy free, it is a great pick for folks with allergies.  Rice milk has a watery texture, so it isn't creamy and is easily overpowered by coffee.  It also isn't a significant source of protein and is not a good option for foaming.




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