How to Make the Best CBD Coffee

How to Make the Best CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is an extremely popular trend in the coffee world! As you probably know, there are many ways to prepare coffee, but which method is the best way to brew a cup of CBD coffee?

The first step to making the perfect cup of CBD coffee starts with the coffee beans. It is always best to buy whole bean coffee and grind it directly before brewing to prevent premature oxidization. At Vera Roasting, we roast and ship our  Wellness Blend Coffee out to you in the same week to ensure the freshest possible cup. 

To prepare our  Wellness Blend CBD Coffee grind the coffee beans somewhere between a coarse and medium grind. We recommend using a French press because it does not require a paper filter. Our coffee is infused with CBD and the heart healthy antioxidant resveratrol after roasting, while the coffee beans are still warm and porous. Since the CBD is added to our beans before they are brewed, there is a chance that some of the oils may be trapped in a paper filter. Using a metal filter helps ensure that more of the CBD makes its way to your cup.

Instructions for the Perfect CBD Coffee:

-Use 1 heaping tablespoon of freshly ground coffee per 6 oz of water. 

-Heat filtered, spring water with a kettle until just about boiling (200 degrees Fahrenheit). 

-Put ground coffee into the bottom of the French press and slowly pour hot water up to the plunger.

-Let coffee steep for 3-4 minutes and then push the plunger.

-Serve and enjoy a smooth and relaxing cup of CBD coffee!